From the end of 16th century, musician and theoreticians perfected a system of codes for expression and composition that contributed to the spread of a shared language. It was common practice to adapt musical scores to the players and instruments available on any given occasion.

Bach´s music lends itself particularly well to such adaptation: his works are so structurally and conceptually perfect that they transcend sound and timbre. Many can be played on any instrument without altering their intrinsic value. Bach was famously wont to reuse his own music in different instrumental or indeed vocal combination.

In this world premiere edition, bassist and composer Mario D´Amato has adapted and edited for bass guitar five of the “Six Suites for Cello Solo” of Johann Sebastian Bach in original keys and octave. The sixth suite in D Major is edited separately, as transposed an octave lower.

The compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach are essential for musical development and every musician´s daily practice, regardless of technical level. Designed also for concert performance, these works will serve to build both technical mastery and musical maturity.